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Department Commander Ronald Larose 2019 - 2020

Department Commander Ronald LaRose 2019 - 2020

My Fellow Legionnaires,

We are starting the Legion’s 101st year and I am your Department Commander! Hard to believe, but here I am for the next 12 months. Together, we will work to make the Department stronger and only time will tell. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the confidence in me to lead our Department for the next year.

I have three goals this year: (1) Support our Veterans across the State in their needs; (2) Stabilize the drop in our membership; (3) To insure our Post officers and County/District Commanders get the training they need to do the jobs they are assigned.

Support of our Veterans can be in various forms. I hope that every one of our Posts is active in their communities to reach out to our Veterans, especially those in need. Only these Posts know who these Veterans are. Don’t be afraid to knock on some doors and ask what your Post can do to assist them and their family in some way.

Stabilizing the drop in our membership is a difficult task for all of us. At the end of June, the Department membership was at 10,099 or 95.34 percent of quota. We are averaging around 400 per year going to Post Everlasting. This is a large number to overcome. Again, this falls on all of the Posts going the extra mile to renew memberships and generate one on one conversation with eligible Veterans to become members of your Post. Continually scan Post 100 members to see which of them live in your communities to encourage them to transfer into your Post. Post 100 is a holding Post. These people do not attend meetings in Post 100. They could become a member of your Post and probably still not attend a meeting, but this is a gain for your Post. The members of Post 100 should be there for only a short period of time before they transfer to an orgainized Post.

Training our key people is critical to the survivability of each Post and to the Department. Senior Vice Commander - Cathy Tester has done a great job organizing a team to go to each District to provide training to these people. We know not everyone can make the scheduled training in your District, but try to make the training in another District so you can reap the benefits of this training. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I know this year will not be a cake walk because of issues that pop up at various Posts, but I will do my best to assist each Post in solving their unique issues. I might not have all the answers when you contact me, but I have access to many smarter people than I in the Department that can assist all of us.

My schedule at the Department Office is each Wednesday unless I have a conflict. I will be on family vacation out of State July 19 - August 2. The Department Office will be able to reach me.

I am truly honored to be called your Department Commander and hope we share a very successful year together.

For God and Country,

The American Legion
Department of Vermont HQ
126 State Street, P.O. Box 396
Montpelier, Vermont 05601-0396
(800)501-7131 (Toll-Free in VT)
Fax: (802)223-0318


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