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Commanders Message

Department Commander David Woodward for 2018 –2019

Department Commander October Message

Hello all,

Hello all,
It is hard to believe that October is here. As I write this, I am preparing to go to fall meetings in Indy with our Department Adjutant Keith. I am also preparing for Vermont's Fall Conference that will happen a couple days after my return from Indy. I hope we have a good representation of Posts at Conference as we will have our NVC Paul Spedaliere in attendance to talk about Team 100, and will have PNC Marty Conatser to talk about Membership.

I want to let everyone know that the Navy is building a nuclear-powered fast attack Virginia class submarine called the USS Vermont. It is being christened on October 20 (yes that is Fall Conference) at Groton CT. Myself and several other Legionnaires from around the State along with the VFW and others were able to meet the ship's Captain and Chief of the boat in Montpelier on September 27th when they visited the State. I have to say it was an honor to be there.

I asked everyone that went to National Convention to do a short Report about meetings they sat in at National Convention. I sat in on Membership and at that meeting; it was the usual membership stuff. The only thing that came up as a potential resolution was from the Department of Michigan and the costs of the DMS ($25) from National and how it is hard to have local Posts have someone transfer to a local post as a new member for more money, this resolution did not make it out of the committee.

While I agree with the basis of the resolution and the difficulty to transfer a member to a local Post, when I return from Indy the Dept of VT will be going through the DMS list and work on transferring members to local Posts. This will help us with our membership goal from National. When we reach out to these members, we will inform them when they transfer to a local Post, that they will be receiving a form of contact from the Post Commander within two weeks and if they do not to please call me. We MUST engage our members or we will lose them.

I also wanted to mention that to date of this writing Department does not have 24 Installation forms and 58 Evaluation forms for this year. This responsibility falls to the District and County Commanders, Commanders please reach out to your respective Posts to make sure this is done. If you need help myself and the senior staff are available.

I was asked how much of my Project of the Vermont Cancer Society goes to administration costs and how much goes to Cancer treatment. 10 percent of money donated goes to administration costs and 90 percent goes to cancer treatment. Please donate to this worthy cause, as 90 cents of every dollar donated will stay right here in Vermont to help people with cancer.

One last thought, I hear from some people that conferences and conventions are a waste of time, however, I must disagree for two reasons. The first is that you get to meet and talk with other Legion Family members from around the State to get ideas and perspectives from around the State. The second reason is that these are the places where any Post members or Post officers can ask any member of the Department staff with questions, and I know there are a lot of questions from folks as I get calls all the time. These meetings are also the place where members can help shape the direction of the Department, because it is not my Department, it is our Department.

For God and Country,

David Woodward
Department Commander

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