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Commanders Message

Department Commander David Woodward for 2018 –2019

Department Commander August Message

Hello all,
Well we are one month into my year as Commander, and the month has gone by very fast. I announced my appointments at the DEC Meeting immedi¬ately following our Convention, because of this I had asked the Chairpersons of committees to outline what they would like to accomplish this coming year for the DEC in July and I would like to thank these individuals for the effort they put into their ideas for the upcoming year.

Shari and I had the good fortune to attend both MA's and NY's Conventions and I am looking forward to working with these Departments and our other neighbors this year. I would encourage all of our members to reach out to neighboring Posts/States, they have different ideas and sometimes we can use these ideas for our benefit.

Senior Vice Commander LaRose and myself will be attending membership meetings in Indianapolis August 9th - 11th to set the numbers for membership this coming year. I look forward to working with Ron and the rest of Department to achieve the numbers set for us. Although we fell short last year I am still hopeful that we can attain some growth this coming year. We must try to utilize our membership in this endeavor. Keep in mind that in 3 years from 2015 to 2018 we lost 2,601 members, which equals over $45,000 a year loss in income for the Department.

Because our membership needs to know what they are trying to "sell" to new members, I along with some of the leadership of the Department will be working hard to set up training about what The American Legion is. As I have said in the past, there are so many programs within our 4 Pillars (do you know what the Pillars are?) there is certainly something of interest to everyone. From time to time I think what first got me really involved or motivated in TAL. It was Community Service, helping people in my home town, people where my local Post can truly make a difference, when I was first a member, I didn't know we did that.

We continue to fundraise for the many programs we have. This years American Legion calendar will hope-fully have Department specific dates in it, this is something new and we received notification of this late, hopefully we were able to capture most of things we wanted to put into it from TAL, Aux, Sons and hopefully some dates for the Riders as well. Now that we know we can do this we will be more prepared next year, so please purchase a cal¬endar if possible. The rest of our fundraising will pretty much remain the same. It is fundraising that greatly sup¬ports our programs, and any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I also believe we must get out into the community so the community can see what it is that we do, because there is still so much that needs to be done. We cannot rest on what The American Legion has been able to achieve in the past, we must continue to work towards what still needs to be done for the future for our Veterans, our com¬munity's, our children and our Nations defense.

For God and Country,

David Woodward
Department Commander

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